Mito-Detox ($51.00–$93.50)
60 or 120 Capsules
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Mito-Detox III

Comprehensive, High Potency Metabolic Tune-Up

Mito-Detox III is an advanced nutraceutical formula offering a unique blend of herbs and nutrients that work together to enhance mitochondrial function and cellular energy production.* This newly enhanced formula now includes Nicotinamide Riboside Nr to promote Mitochondrial Biogenesis, and R-Alpha Lipoic Acid which has shown greater efficacy than Alpha Lipoic Acid.*

  • Provides a unique blend of herbal extracts and nutrients that support the Liver’s efforts to remove chemicals, drugs, and toxins.*
  • Combines specific herbs and nutrients to optimize cellular energy production (ATP) and combat oxidative stress.*
  • Helps reduce fatigue and muscle soreness associated with low energy; especially when combined with Fibro-Ease Multi.*
  • Consider Mito-Detox II as the cornerstone of all Health Restoration Protocols.*